Nestled serenely amidst the quaint and the lush greenery, Jhira Bagh Palace stands tall in its timeless glory in the very heart of the Malwa Plateau, in West Madhya Pradesh. The Palace is a light that remains undimmed, witnessing an era of treasured olden times that continues to reverberate in its walls.

Take on a rendezvous of the oldworld charm and minimalist luxury at Jhira Bagh Palace, as the sun rises, lighting up the mood, as if by the lanterns of its glorious past, while a potent aura takes over as dusk sets in, ushering in magical, mystical evenings.


Feel the pulse of the historic Dhar as you visit the untouched attractions in the calm Malwa countryside and explore the places where the adrenaline calms down. Boasting of a grand past of culture, tradition and timeless extravaganza, this palace equally delivers a detoxifying and a refreshingly modern staywhere world-class facilities and radiant hospitality indulges your senses. Opening the golden gate of time-travel, your memories at the Palace will be a testimony of delight among the bird songs and introspection, which will stay with you long after your gratifyingly royal vacation ends.
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A grand avenue to come and experience History as it comes alive at Jhira Bagh Palace.

Dhar Fort