“Heritage is what connects you with history and legacy”



A historical Rendezvous with Jhira Bagh Palace

“You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.”-Robbie Robertson

Built by Maharaja Anand Rao Puar III of Dhar, the palace was meant to be a grand English Guest House of the State of Dhar. It was built in line with the predominant architecture of the Malwa Plateau- grand and stately. Each ‘Jali’ and every piece of furniture is handcrafted and coordinated to display an art that has all but obscured today.

It played host to important British officials, Viceroys and Governor Generals of India, serving as a place of residence for official as well as recreational visits. Several records reveal elaborate plans for banquets, picnics, hunting expeditions and sight seeing tours.


The last ruler of Dhar, Maharaja Anand Rao Puar IV decided to renovate the Jhira Bagh Palace into his official residence. The well-known firm of ‘Gregson Batley & King’ were chosen for the renovation of the Palace since the main objective of the then ruler was to give it a modern colonial look, in harmony with the Art deco and the Bauhaus style.

Crowned amidst hundreds of acres of land and gardens, the Jhira Bagh Palace was the crown jewel of Malwa. But the majesty could not last long because by the time it was almost complete, times had changed.


India got the Independence and the states were merged with the Republic of India. The era of the Maharajas ended and with it was lost an exponential amount of their legacy. One such legacy was the Jhira Bagh Palace. It was shut down abruptly and, gradually but surely, the ravages of time and disuse started setting in. Neglect put the palace on its way to ruines.

Until it was resurrected and restored to its modern day glory.



After staying forgotten for almost 50 years, the palace was set to be reinstated to regain its original magnificence from the bygone era by way of meticulous efforts, planned and implemented to restructure and refurbish, this almost forsaken royalty.

Present times

Through the sustained efforts to recondition and rehabilitate it since 1994, Jhira Bagh Palace’s journey to resuscitate to its original glory has been a long one, panning over a couple of decades. Today, it is a majestic retreat away from the urban routine life that still basks in the old world charm and the nostalgia of the bygone era, with panache. The Palace overlooks sprawling lush greens & harbors raw untainted nature in its immediate vicinity. Home to several migratory and other rare species of birds, its soul to ‘entertain its guests’ is once again, its vanguard.