At Jhira Bagh we believe in giving back to nature, more than we take from it.

The conservation of natural resources through recycling of waste water, rain water harvesting, installing solar water heaters, setting up drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems for lawns and bio-gas plants, has always been the underlying motive for all the activities undertaken here. With such initiatives and more, we constantly strive to achieve a holistic eco-system that boasts of state-of-the-art hospitality coupled with fulfilling our responsibility towards our natural surroundings to the best of our capabilities.

Despite paucity of water in the Malwa region, we have planted thousands of trees including some fruit bearing ones. We have equally set up orchards and have also built colorful nurseries around. Incorporation of timers and CFL's in our public area is but one small step in ensuring efficient utilization of energy, as we aim to achieve much more.



Jhira Bagh Palace is a world within a world and thus we strive to do everything we can to drive change so as to benefit our host communities through our activities. In whatever we do, we believe in working hand in hand with the local communities for a positive impact. Putting a modernized management in place, we believe each day can bring progress & sustainable growth for the tribal community.

With the intention of integrating and assimilating the locals- culturally, socially and economically- into the forays of the palace, we have made sure that our in-house staff and team member sconsist of the local tribal people. . We aim to grow ‘with’ the surroundings not ‘despite’ them which is why, comprehending the primordial nature of classical music and folk dance, traditional performances are held regularly at the Palace to preserve the raw magical culture of the area, thus, in the process also infusing the palace with an antiquated charm to retain the sanctity and the grandeur of the surroundings. It is thus also a platform for these tribes to exhibit their diverse and varied culture to the world.


Take on a detoxifying yet refreshingly appetizing gastronomical journey with organic food at the palace. The meals in our kitchen are prepared with ingredients grown organically and all the palace's kitchen needs of grains, salads, vegetables and fruits are catered by the farms within the Palace's periphery. Engage in a culinary affair with our meal preparations made freshly for you.

Our belief in 'Annapurna' stems from the fact that our farming is done without being adulterated by the use of chemicals- hence, making every grain 'whole' from its inception. The milk products are derived from the milk used in the kitchen, which in turn, is also supplied by the well-bred cows on the farm.