Dining at Jhira Bagh Palace is a pleasure heightened by a concoction of atmosphere, cuisine and service. Our Menu consists of several original recipes from the royal households. Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily, our Dining hall offers a selection of vast cuisines from India, as well as from across the world  to add even more depth to your flavor palate.. Enjoy organic, home-grown salads and herbs as you take on your culinary affair to new dimensions at Jhira Bagh. With lofty 20 ft high ceilings, a meter thick walls and stylized dated period furniture, royalty is sure to invigorate your senses- visual and gustatory alike!



The comfortable conference- cum -banquet hall, capable of accommodating a group of 24 people, is the ideal place to connect and brainstorm.  Offering ample opportunities for you to combine business & pleasure, it is a flexible space adorned with frames of the palace's aristocratic past, the dated original menus and the programs which were the order of the day when 'English Afternoons' came alive in their heyday, painting thus, a mesmerizing and a be fitting ambience to hold your important event. In fact, sitting here, one can almost envisage the palace atits zenith- playing gracious host to the English lords and ladies who sauntered here!


Walk through 'tangible history' at the Rajendra museum where Malwa antiques and coins of the medieval age will teleport you to a bygone era. It offers a special emphasis on the rich arts and crafts of the Malwa region's history through the ages. These items, curated through generations with deep love and care, are sure to leave you pondering on the fluidity of time.



Jhira Bagh Palace is a reader's paradise amidst the palm trees, assuredly guaranteeing numinous days. Heal 'Thyself’ with books and the peaceful, untainted nature of the in-house library, located next to the museum, which stocks works of renowned authors across multiple genres, countries and centuries.


The Shiv & Hanuman Temples attached to the palace provide for a place of worship under the tranquil roof of the palaces’ a century and a half old banyan tree. The temples also radiate an aura of the quaint charm, previously bequeathed vivaciously to antiquity, yet omnipresent here,  in the premises of this wondrous luxury.